How to List a Business on the Mt. Vernon Net

Our objective is to include in this on-line directory every reputable local firm which is offering business services to the residents of Mount Vernon.

To have your business listed, please mail to Coordinator@MtVernon.Net or to Coordinator, Mount Vernon Net, Mount Vernon, VA 22121-0363 the name, address and telephone number of your firm, indicating the service classification under which you wish to be listed.

To help us communicate with you, but not for publication, please include your fax number and e-mail address, if you have those, as well as your office phone number and mailing address if different from your physical address as it is to be published.

Further exposure. In addition to their publication here, these Business Services listings will also be made available in hard copy to selected communities (subdivisions) within the Mount Vernon area. This will be done in conjunction with the preparation of annual phone directories of subdivision residents.

If you have a web site and participate in the foregoing community directories program, you may have a link to your web site placed on our server under your service classification listing. In this way, the person reading your business name need only click on it to go to your web site.

If you do not have a web site, perhaps you should discuss the idea with someone who understands your business. While not every business can benefit from having a site, most can, with a little imagination. At the very least, it will provide a way to publish information about your business, such as a brochure, a menu, a catalog or written guidelines for ordering. A dealer in collectibles posts an essay he wrote about how values are determined, in the course of which he gives advice to potential customers on how to avoid unethical sellers. An auto service station posts on their web site the itemized invoices for all repair work, with short personal notes attached, then prints out copies for shop use and to give the customers. On the Internet, their customers can read the charges before leaving work, call if they have questions, and then pick up their cars after the service station closes.

Placing your web site address on your business card then allows your customers to read and print out your literature without your having to send it to them. Most web sites also provide easy ways for customers to place orders. When an order form is included, the customer has only to print it out and mail back--or fax it back--or just email it back. While more sophisticated web sites allow customers to pay for orders immediately by sending credit card information via encrypted e-mail, this is not necessary for all businesses. Many customers still like to read the literature and then place their order by telephone.

A classified listing for your firm on the Mount Vernon Net is helpful to the customer who is trying to find you. If you have a web site for your business, that too can be quite useful to tie in to the classified listing.

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